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Keeping a breast advanced technologies over the last decadeenable digital electronic companies to succeed in the development of Global innovativeBS7DJ3N91surveillance_cctv_solutions countries achievements offully digital process CCD cameras. Customers look to various companies for products with futures of superior picture quality, low noise and a wide range of built in functionality including automatic gain/exposure control. As a surveillance Security company representing well-known brands in the world of CCTV Security. We understand the special physical and environmental Security needs of our customers and strive to provide them with the highest quality solutions, products and services to match their requirements.

What we do

We facilitate organizational excellence marketing initiatives technologically innovative collative products and exceptional service. We act as exclusive agents in Sri Lanka for some of the world renowned manufactures of electronic Security equipment with a product rang covering all accept of surveillance CCTV to IP systems, Fire, Burglary Alarm, Access Control, Network Infrastructure and PABX Tele Communication Systems. We are able to provide you with complete solution for all your CCTV requirements. We are differentiated in the market as we focus on value creation for our customers thru new products and improvements. We provide customers with right solution at the right price.


Our security solutions can be applied and integrated to suit almost any industry or situation. We mention below just a few areas and locations of application.

 Business premises /Hotels / Hospitals
 Residences / Embassies and High commissions
 Manufacturing industries /Factories
 Public venues with remote surveillance to Policestations or selected local counsel offices
 Mobile surveillance at mass gatherings or Public events
 Vehicle monitoring and tracking (GSM & Satellitetracking technology)
 Spy cameras and related solutions


Our security solutions are computer based using server configurations with the integration of anyexisting CCTV cameras and most other related devices.



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